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Find Unique Vintage Earrings

Explore beauties of the past with our ever-changing selection of vintage earrings designed for the modern woman. From vintage diamond earrings that feature modern design elements, to classic gold and silver earrings that touch on historic fashions of old, every set of unique earrings from Exceptional-Finds has been carefully selected for their rare qualities, unique designs, and inspiring features that perfectly pair with a variety of styles and face shapes.

Some of the Earrings We Have Include:

Drop ball earrings | Diamond earrings | Gold earrings & More

Vintage Earrings Add a Depth of Luxury to Every Collection

While shopping for a new set of earrings, you may be surprised to find that vintage earrings are often a better value for the money. When a beautiful set of diamond, silver, or gold earrings has been around for 50+ years, that lasting elegance signifies the superior quality and attention to detail involved with earring metalsmithing of the past.

vintage earrings

Along with the superior quality naturally infused into our original vintage earrings, our exclusive collection of modern styles, vintage diamond earrings, and gorgeous statement rings feature:

  • Vintage Earring Rarity: Many of our unique pieces are no longer in production, and many of these timeless styles are impossible to find in modern jewelry collections.
  • Long-Term Value: Many of our vintage diamond earrings, golden collectibles, and silver styles are from world-renowned designers. You’ll find pieces at Exceptional-Finds that have the potential to greatly increase in value over time, especially if you’re considering a set of vintage earrings that have been properly maintained.
  • Verified Authenticity: Whether you’re shopping for a brilliant set of silver earrings from an exclusive designer, or you’re after authentic 14k gold earrings, every item featured at Exceptional-Finds is professionally curated for accurate value and original designer integrity. We only sell the best in authenticated vintage, and every purchase is backed by over 20 years of expertise in the world of fine antiques and vintage sourcing.

Discover Rare Vintage Styles Only Found at Exceptional-Finds

Searching for a specific set of vintage diamond earrings, or need a pair of traditional gold drop ball earrings to pair with your favorite necklace or bracelet? We’re interconnected with a wealth of vintage jewelry sources and actively buy and sell vintage jewelry from our clients regularly. We can help you source rare earring sets, search for a specific designer collection on your behalf, and will help you compare similar earring types if a preferred earring style is outside of your budget or is no longer available.

We know how important it is to keep a relevant jewelry collection in rotation, and have you covered with always beautiful and creative earring sets to look forward to every time you shop at Exceptional-Finds! If you have any questions about any of the beautiful sets you see, we’re glad to tell you more about the history of the items, would love to help you pair our items with an outfit, and are always here for personalized assistance as we continue our never-ending search for the best designer items in the world!